Pacifier with First Letter of Baby Name with Crystals - Bling Bling Babies
Pacifier with First Letter of Baby Name with Crystals - Bling Bling Babies

Pacifier with First Letter of Baby Name with Crystals

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Our Handmade Personalized Custom Pacifiers with Rhinestone with the baby first letter of his/her name added with crystals on the pacifier and the clip is the best pacifier for a newborn; these Personalized Pacifiers will make your baby look luxurious.

All loving parents want the best for their babies and we bet that you do too.

That is why we think of the best and cutest thing you can give to your baby today…The best thing about these custom pacifiers and this is why it stands out from the usual pacifiers is because of the shiny and glittery rhinestone Crystals. It is far more expensive and makes your baby so special and classy and because of its durability and excellent condition it does not show traces of ageing  thus it can last a lifetime that surely will keep your baby memories forever even when he is grown up (not just on pictures).

Someday when they grow up and they will see this blinged out pacifiers

, they will know how much you treasure them when they were just a baby.

Get them these luxury baby pacifiers now and forever keep that sweetest and cutest memory of being a mother to a newborn and make them feel special while they are babies because they are only babies once.

Create your own unique personalized bling pacifier that you will love.

A personalized custom baby pacifier and custom pacifier clips that you can put the initial letter of his name or even his complete name on it

Great for Baby Showers, Christenings, Gender Reveal and discover how to turn your ordinary Baby Photo Session into an unforgettable moment.

These Handmade Custom Pacifiers with Rhinestone set would be great as a keepsake in a memory box for your little one.

It is a truly memorable baby gift.
Every product is made by hand with care. 

Key Features:

HANDMADE: The best thing about our handmade luxury baby pacifiers is that you can be sure that your baby pacifier is made with care and passion. Thus, it preserves the quality and high value of the pacifiers. This gives you an assurance that this crystal rhinestone pacifier is totally stunning and gorgeous that will draws attention and will truly make your baby the center of attraction.

PERSONALIZED: Most moms love a unique gift for their babies and tend to write the name of their baby on every item that belongs to them (I bet you do this too). You can request a custom baby pacifier, custom pacifier clips, custom pacifier holder or a custom bling shoes with her name initial or her full name on it.

This is why if you are looking for a unique and cute way of saying “I love you” to your baby this is the perfect gift.

TOP QUALITY: Ever wonder why our bling pacifier, pacifier clips, bling baby bottles and bling baby shoes looked so beautiful and elegant? This is because of the real Rhinestone Crystal. Which is much expensive than glass, does not fade and it rarely age. These crystals have made this product shine like a diamond like your baby. Because of this crystal it is called “bling pacifier, pacifier clips, bling baby bottles and bling baby shoes. That is why most moms loves rhinestone crystals because it last long, you can surely keep your baby memories forever.

all standard pacifiers.

MODERN DESIGN: These luxury baby pacifiers have Stylish unisex patterns, Modern and neutral color for both boys and girls. Inspired by European design to be on the forefront on fashion and style. Perfect as baby shower gifts.

FUNCTIONAL:  Pacifiers, Pacifier Clip and Pacifier holders are hand crafted with Crystal Rhinestone. Pacifier Clip can attach to clothing, blankets, strollers or car seat straps, and stay firmly in place.

SAFETY: Mommies are so keen in choosing a product of their baby from headband to shoes. Mommies like you can be sure that this products is safe for your baby since it meets the safety standards, You don’t have to worry with its nipple since it is “made of Silicone and it is Anti-colic”, therefore it is surely safe to use; it doesn’t make him cry and does not harm your baby’s little gums. These Products complies with CPSIA/CPSC requirements, and meets the safety standards for children’s products. Components are free of BPA, PVC, and lead are NON TOXIC, & RUST FREE.

CARE AND GIFT: These bedazzled pacifiers set is Easy to clean & sterilize: simply use wipes or a damp cloth, do not boil or place in dishwasher. They are securely packaged in a gift box ready to be presented as a baby gift.

These key features have made these custom pacifiers and custom clips worthy for photo sessions, christening and baby shower, etc.

No wonder this has captivate the hearts of 1900+ mommies all over the world.

Wipe off to clean.
All items are delicate and should be handled with care.
*Product requires adult supervision while using.