5 Personalized Baby Shower Gift Ideas That is Unique and Customized


If you have landed on this page, there’s a high probability that you are finally invited to your friend’s baby shower who always had the dream to have a baby. It's pretty nice to attend a party where you celebrate the welcoming of a new family member but the problem arises in getting the perfect baby shower gift for the event. Isn’t it frustrating to look for gifts? No baby shower gift is perfect but there are several gifts that would make both the parents go ‘aww’ in front of the guests.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Here are some of the best baby shower gift ideas:

1- Welcome Home Baby Royal Jeweled Suit Set

Are you looking for a royal gift to give to your best friend’s baby? You can always go with royal jewelry baby suit for babies. Not only would you be proud of the gift but the parents would love you as well. Royal jewelry suit set include:

- A rhinestones bedazzled crown suit, shoe, hat and bow mittens, if you want to be extra, you can give royal jewelry set for a baby girl or a baby boy. The parent can use it as welcome baby outfits, parties, photo sessions and any special occasion. 

2- Custom Pacifier with Rhinestones

pacifier and clip with baby full name

An infant needs a pacifier to remain calm and busy throughout the day. You can give a custom pacifier with bedazzled pacifier clips so that it's easy for the infant to use. All the custom pacifiers are designed using the highest safety standards. So, it's going to be a useful and beautiful gift for the angel. However, you would have to request the maker to add the baby’s name or initial letter on the pacifier or on the pacifier clip. Infant pacifiers always come with pacifier clips as they cannot hold the pacifiers properly on their own. As a token of love on baby shower event, you can give parents a lovely surprise by the luxury personalized pacifier and pacifier clip with rhinestones.

3- Bow Shoes and headband with Rhinestones


If you are looking for a cute gift for baby shower, consider giving bow shoes with rhinestones. Handcrafted gifts have become so unique gift that parents do get excited over them every time. Bling shoes and headband set with yellow and white rhinestones are not just classy but comfortable for the infant.

Moreover, bling baby shoes can be personalized with the baby name on the shoes. With the multiple colors and styles, they can also be used as props in his or her first photo session. Bow shoes go with almost any dress and complements frocks headband is added to the set.

4- Bottle Caps with Rhinestones

As you know, the mother of a newly born either feeds her baby on her own or by milk bottle. A unique gift for the baby shower would be to give a Handmade Bling Baby Bottle.

. The parents are definitely going to love it.

You can personalize them by either adding rhinestone on the cap or on the full feeder. If it’s a baby girl, you can go for pink rhinestones and if you do not know it yet, going with sparkling white rhinestones is a win-win option.

5- Gift Set

Consider taking the full gift set, as you will find yourself ended up selecting multiple items in your cart they offer many variant of gift set you can choose from at discounted price, In my opinion, this is by far the most memorable and valuable gift that one could give to the to-be parents, the parents would love to use rhinestone covered personalized jewelry on the baby’s first photography session.